Prayer is one of the most valuable tools we have as followers of Jesus and as His body here in the Racine/Franksville area, we want to join you in praying. You're invited to share your prayer requests with our Faithbridge family or direct them to our pastoral staff.

Also, we love to pray as a family and celebrate as a family. So, if you have any praise reports, please feel free to share them as well!

Requests submitted after 3 pm on a Friday may not be approved until Tuesday after the Office opens.

*Please refrain from using the names of other church members unless permission has been granted by that member for you to share their request.*


Our marriage has been struggling, I'm struggling to get over past issues, and one spouse is unhappy in the marriage. Any prayers are appreciated


Could I have prayers for my niece Patty?she is 63 years old and lives with her single adult son. She has survived breast and lung cancer in the past 10 years, and now has a cancerous spot in her throat. She will have surgery to remove it and under radiation and chemo once again. Radiation will require a feeding tube at a point because she will be unable to swallow. It is supposed to be survivable but is going to be difficult. She is struggling. I appreciate what this church has done for myself and loved ones. Thank you


Just an update about our daughter who went to Ecuador earlier this month… She is now home safely and she had a life changing experience. Thank you all for your continued prayers throughout her journey. We are very grateful for our Faithbridge family.


Please pray for the families in our schools. There are so many suffering from sexual abuse. We need God. This is big and real, but it feels unbelievable that so many are affected. My own prayers are not enough. Thank you so much.


Prayers for my cousin Debby, she has been fighting brain cancer and now has a growth that they are trying to determine if it is scar tissue or the cancer coming back.