Prayer is one of the most valuable tools we have as followers of Jesus and as His body here in the Racine/Franksville area, we want to join you in praying. You're invited to share your prayer requests with our Faithbridge family or direct them to our pastoral staff.

Also, we love to pray as a family and celebrate as a family. So, if you have any praise reports, please feel free to share them as well!

*Please refrain from using the names of other church members unless permission has been granted by that member for you to share their request.*


My Dad had a heart cath this morning. They discovered some more blockage but are not able to put in a stent. The blood is still getting to the heart and they don't think a stent will do much good. They're going to treat it with medication and hope that it's sufficient. If that does not work they'll have to do open heart surgery. Prayers that the drugs work and surgery is not necessary.


Prayers for my daughter as she continues to struggle with the side effects from the immunotherapy. She's experiencing coughing fits and a lot of joint pain making it difficult to get around and do her job. She's been on this particular drug for 2 months and has elected to pause it for awhile to give the side effects some time to dissipate. She has a PET scan scheduled this month so we'll be able to see if this treatment has been effective. The last immuno drug she was on was very effective but the side effects were even worse than this one. Prayers for the side effects to dissipate quickly and that the drug has been effective.


For my friend, Mary Bruha, receiving spinal injections on Thursday. Hopefully, this treatment will give pain relief & increase her ability to walk, ( Her daughter, Margaret, is here from Germany to be with her Mom until May 30.)


A few days after Easter I was admitted into the ICU for extreme anemia. Through a lot of testing, they discovered a tumor in my stomach. While it appears that it is has not spread, I had an ultrasound and biopsy today to determine exactly what's going on. I ask for prayers for my patience as I await the results, and for whatever this turns out to be to be placed at the foot of the cross - that my faith stands firm.


My friend Steve shared this today about his sister-in-law that I’ve previously requested prayers for: It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that at about 11:20pm, Saturday, April 30th, the world lost a very bright light and heaven gained an Angel. Brenda passed away quietly after the kids had gone to bed and Chris was getting ready to settle down for the night. Funeral arrangements are currently pending, but as soon as we have info, I will update everyone. Thank you for all of the prayers.