We believe that men have great potential individually, but even greater potential together. We are a ministry that helps men be connected with other men and enable one another to realize their potential in Christ—both individually and corporately. Our purpose is to bring men into a personal and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip and mobilize them for ministry

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6:30 pm | Wednesdays | Lower Level Meeting Space

The scripture themselves tell us that "people won't put up with sound teaching, instead they look for teachers who say what their itching ears want to hear." (2 Timothy 4:13) This is the challenge of our day--to discover lasting, durable, eternal truth while still embracing our questions, facing obvious perplexities of life, and being honest and unabashed in our "wrestling with God." Different leaders throughout the year will help us discover the value of God's Word as our guide. We pray for each other, encourage and support each other, laugh, and stretch our faith. We discover a truth that sets us free, especially as men. Join us!