Craig & Kara Garrison


Current ministry: We are doing a lot of coaching, strategizing and training for those both preparing for the mission field as well as those currently on it. We also continue to be connected with work in Myanmar through marriage training (recently updated and translated) and with nationals in country. Kara has recently become involved with an unreached people group (primarily refugees) who have resettled in Tulsa, OK.

Prayer Requests:

  • May the Lord grant us favor in building new networks and strengthening old ones as we move forward into new areas of ministry among the unreached and unengaged.
  • Please pray the Lord grant us wisdom and discernment in who we align ourselves with in working with nationals who are seeking discipleship mentoring.

Kyle & Becky Zimmerle


Our mission statement is: “To Bring Hope, Family, and Future to the Special Kids of Kyrgyzstan!”

Our vision is to see special needs children and orphans living in healthy families and reaching God-given potential in every area–physical, mental, social and spiritual–and helping the local church to be effective and relevant to the families and society around them, transforming families, communities, and culture through practical expressions of love through our ministry.

We show love to the children and parents in 3 main ways: 1) Mobility: Providing the needed resources, training, and encouragement through physical therapy. 2) Therapeutic Horse Therapy: Using horses to provide therapy, training, love and encouragement to parents with special needs children. 3) Education: Providing educational opportunities to special needs children both in governmental institutions and in a community setting. 

Peter Lindblom


Current Ministry: I am the Healthcare Teams Coordinator and coordinate trips designed to provide those who go with the opportunity to minister to and treat the needy, encourage Word of Life’s missionary staff, and provide opportunities for nationals to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Team members grow while participating in these trips as they allow God to use them in service around the world. The big picture is to have Healthcare Teams going to every one of Word of Life’s ministry outposts in a 3rd world country, which would mean over 40 trips each year! Part of this goal is to have churches from other countries sending trips in addition to churches from the USA. Pray that the LORD would bring together the right connections between churches and fields, and that He would call people to come on these trips!

MABO & Lisius Family

(Movement & Action to Benefit Orphans)


Current Ministry: The Children’s Home of Haiti is a home for Haitian children that have been orphaned or whose families are presently unable to provide for them. MABO (Movement and Action to Benefit Orphans) is a safe haven in a country wracked by natural disaster, disease, and economic despair. Our organization does not seek to place children for adoption, but to empower individuals and families to help themselves. By providing the tools and teaching necessary skills, it is our goal that they mature into independent and productive citizens. We are working on the kids' education and with community projects. We are using a partially completed building that has a roof and walls. This year the school was expanded to include high school age kids. We are now at 100 kids. We are praying to be followers of Jesus who grow in our understanding and the practice of stewardship where we live lives of generosity in time, treasure and talents both inside of MABO and in the world.

Our mission partners in an undisclosed location

*For their safety, we cannot disclose any identifying information about these mission partners.

Current Ministry: We work to see the kingdom of God spread among our people, an unreached people group, and to eventually see new groups/churches started. We are living out our daily lives, working in and engaging in the community around us. One of us works at a local business in the gold market, and we often spend our evenings visiting others or hosting in our home. We are building into our relationships with extended family and friends, and seeking opportunities to share from His Word and pray with others. We pray for 2 or 3 families from this ethnic group to begin to follow Jesus together and let His Word transform their lives. We hope and pray that this would lead to a movement of Jesus followers who multiply their lives in their neighborhoods and families.