Celebrate Kid and Student Life ministries and help raise funds for the upcoming year! The generous funds that come from Dessert Derby support the kids and youth of Faithbridge by funding scholarships to life-changing events like the mission trip, retreats, and summer camp. Our desire is to introduce students and children to Christ, connect them with other believers, and enable them to grow in their faith through service. This is the ONLY Kid/Student Life fundraising event that we have each year.


The online auction opens at noon on Sunday, April 28th and will also close at noon on Saturday, May 4th. 

When the auction is live, you'll be able to click here to go to the auction website! 



Sunday, April 28th

Our favorite part of Dessert Derby is, of course, the desserts! 

The men of Faithbridge apply their culinary skills and creativity to come up with a fancy, 

delicious dessert creation that we get to enjoy!

On Sunday, April 28th, the chefs will display their desserts in the YCC Student Life Worship Center

from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.  

Desserts are judged in 3 categories:

1. PEOPLE'S CHOICE: you'll be given a ballot, check out the desserts and vote for your favorite!

2. BEST PRESENTATION: Three of Faithbridge Family vote on the most creative presentation!

3. BEST TASTE: Three experts taste each dessert & decide upon the best!

The 2024 "Dessert Derby King" will be crowned at 12:30 in the Gathering Place. 

After, we'll all enjoy the delicious desserts made by our chefs!

Check out our great chefs below!

  • Paul Nolden

    Dessert: Butternut Squash Cheesecake with Toffee Sauce!

  • Jeremy Blodgett

    Dessert: Luke 5:6 - Many Fishes of Pastry!

  • Alex Grycowski


  • Nick White

    Dessert: French Silk Pie!

  • Thomas Fabian

    Dessert: Pavlova - an Australian Meringue Dessert!

  • Paul Zenisek

    Dessert: Lemony Blueberry Bars!

  • Scott Paulick

    Dessert: "Bases Loaded!" - Scotties ButterScottchies Bars!

  • Kris Kolhouse


  • Rick Tate

    Dessert: Banana Bread!

  • Tom Phillips

    Dessert: Campfire Brownies!

  • Chase Hansen


  • Nick Falaschi