Faithbridge Family Life

The Faithbridge Family Life team exists to promote life long faith by partnering with parents and the larger church while creating space for children and youth to experience God.  

Faithbridge Serves @ FMSC

Faithbridge, lets do something good on August 16th. For the past several years Faithbridge has sent small groups to pack meals at FMSC. This year we are going big as one church with two campuses!   On August 16th @ 6pm we are inviting 120 people to take up the challenge to serge for 1.5 hours and pack what will end up being thousands of meals for starving children around the world! Can you be 1 of those 120? There is no cost to serve that night but donations to FMSC are always welcome! Register here

FaithMap@Home Series

Family Life here at Faithbridge is committed to promoting life long faith by partnering with parents and the larger church while creating space for children and youth to experience God. One of those resources we have for parents and families is our FaithMap. FaithMap contains milestone markers from birth to graduation for parents to celebrate and leverage in our common call to promote life long faith. In addition to this helpful resource we are offering a seminar series once a month to help parents make the most of these milestone markers in their home. Stay tuned for our next seminar and in the meantime, take a look at our Faithmap resources.  Kid Life Faith Map and Student Life Faith Map

Summer 2017


Restore is an experience that started with the question: "Where is God already moving in Racine County and where might Faithbridge be invited to join in this restorative movement?"  We looked and listened and three opportunities came from that time of discernment.

1.  Working with Veterans:  Racine County has made a big push to care for and creating housing options for veterans.  Our task on September 9th is to build 3 picnic tables and 15 planter boxes to go with those new homes.

2.  Working with local efforts in the fight against human trafficking:  Racine County is stepping up its awareness of and support for the fight against human trafficking.  Participants of this experience will learn more about the efforts of Racine County to end human trafficking and take part in an artistic awarness-building project in downtown Racine. 

3.  Cleaning up the waterfront:  According to US today, North Beach is one of the top five fresh water beaches in the country and we want to keep it that way!  Participants in this project will gear up and head down to the lake to pick up trash along our precious waterfront!

Restore begins at 9am on Saturday, September 9th with breakfast at both Campuses.  

There is no Cost to this event and is open to adults and children of all ages. 

To sign up, simply complete this FORM!