Restore used to be “Serve FX”. Since 2017, Restore has expanded our focus and pushed us to see where God is moving and inviting us to join in His restorative work within Racine County. This year, our whole restorative focus will be on Racine Unified School District! We believe God is doing big things in RUSD and is inviting us as a church to be more invested in our school system. Over the next year, we will have a number of different opportunities for you to invest in our schools!


School Supplies Drive:

We asked a number of teachers what supplies classrooms tend to run out of during the year and have come up with a list of 10 items. We are inviting Faithbridge to purchase the following ten items NOW (when they are the cheapest) and donate them so that in February we can give a gift to help our schools and teachers when the need is greatest! Bring your donations to the lobby of either campus starting Sunday, September 2nd. Here's what we need:

Glue Sticks  |  Pencils  | Markers  |  Dry Erase Markers  |  Post-it Notes

Hand Sanitizer  |  Disinfectant Wipes  |  Tissues  | Simple Headphones (No ear buds) |  Copy Paper (White)



We will host a Carnival for the students and parents of Knapp Elementary on Thursday, October 4th from 5-7pm. This fun event is designed to engage students and parents and help them build positive feelings about their school. We are looking for two things from Faithbridge.  

        1. We need volunteers to help run carnival games on October 4th.

Sign up here!

        2. We need Faithbridge to purchase/donate carnival prizes!

We’ve made an Amazon List for you to use. Either search for Faithbridge in Lists (under “Account & Lists”) or visit our link here.

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