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4 pm | Sunday, April 7th | Roma Lodge

Last year, we had over 330 guests come for an evening of worship, story, and the opportunity to support our young people in their journey of faith. This year we have taken on the theme of "Story"! We believe that God is writing an incredible story for each of our young people and through our weekly programming, retreats, mission trips, camps, and conferences children and students discover God as their author and live into the incredible story that is being written. We invite you to join us as we share good stories and invite you to be a part of that story writing process!

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Volunteer for Dessert Derby!

Interested in being part of the famous Dessert Derby? Help us make it happen! We’re currently looking for chefs, donations, and volunteers to make this night a success.

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Healthcare Navigation Seminar

6:30 pm | Thursday, March 7th

Franksville Campus

Did you know that one of the leading causes of deaths in America is preventable medical harm? Join us to hear Patricia Morrill present “Being a Healthcare Patient Advocate for Yourself and Your Loved Ones.” Patricia is an author and speaker on the subject of taking action to reduce harm. She will give us good insights on the best ways to navigate our own care, or that of a loved one.  

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Restore used to be “Serve FX”. Since 2017, Restore has expanded our focus and pushed us to see where God is moving and inviting us to join in His restorative work within Racine County. This year, our whole restorative focus will be on Racine Unified School District! We believe God is doing big things in RUSD and is inviting us as a church to be more invested in our school system. Over the next year, we will have a number of different opportunities for you to invest in our schools!


Our current Restore initiative is “Love a Teacher”. Our goal is to tangibly show all of the staff at Knapp Elementary that Faithbridge cares for them and the work they do.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a gift card or wrote note in a Thank You card for the staff at Knapp!

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