College students belonging and thriving in the church body.

Sunday Morning

College Students attend 10:30 a.m. worship, Come and sit with your fellow college friends!  Faithbridge draws students from both Carthage and Parkside.   There are also college small groups that meet on Sunday Morning during our all church small group series!  (Fall and Spring).  If you have any questions please contact Pastor Brian for information

College Boundary Waters Trip

Built on the success of last year's 12 trip, we are offering a college trip to our Faithbridge students this spring.  Right on the heals of finals and before most summer jobs start this trip is designed for students to get away, reconnect and rediscover God's presence out in creation!  We will be leaving early morning on the 14th of May and returning on Saturday night, May 20th!  We will be out on trail, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!  Our group will be led and outfitted by the incredible staff of Adventurous Christians.  We will explore some of the most pristine and protected wilderness area in the country!   The cost is $300 per person (This does include the Dessert Derby Discount).   Register for the trip here!